Episode 8: Flip Your Work to Life Ratio with Shane and Jocelyn Sams

shane_jocelyn_sams_entrepreneurs and coffeeIt’s ironic that Shane Sams first discovered Pat Flynn’s podcast while mowing his lawn because back in August, I was mowing *my* lawn when I first heard him and his wife Jocelyn on Pat’s podcast.

Just like Shane, once upon a time, I came flying into the house and told my wife about my business and what I was going to do and she gave me the same ‘here we go again’ that Jocelyn gave to him.

Much like me and my wife, Shane and Jocelyn both started off in education but turned the materials they were already creating for work into digital products.

They now have a thriving business not only selling those digital products, but also teaching others to do the same.

In our coffee chat today, Shane, Jocelyn and I will talk about:

  • The 11cent pay day that got them started
  • Getting your spouse on board with entrepreneurial ventures
  • Being bold and bringing your spouse on board with your business
  • Overcoming fear that nobody will buy your products and services
  • The first date (This is awesome!)
  • And SPECIFIC actions a brand new entrepreneur and veteran entrepreneur can take to get to the next level

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  1. Rene

    I love what Shane says after he drops the mic. Create your product and the 10 blog post, then take it to the next level. Build your website and market your product. Well said.

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