Episode 1: Change Your Life One Morning at a Time with Hal Elrod

entrepreneurs and coffee hal elrodOkay, so there’s a reason I wanted Hal Elrod to be my first episode.

In this episode, Hal and I grab a cup of Bulletproof coffee and chat about:

  • Dying!?! (But seriously, he did die)
  • A GEM of advice about sales that literally changed my thoughts on work
  • Coming back from depression (including something he hasn’t talked about publicly before)
  • The Miracle Morning (more on that below)
  • The funniest “Random Question” answer I’ve ever had
  • and, as always, two huge pieces of actionable advice for entrepreneurs starting out, and entrepreneurs who’ve been in the game for a bit.

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Super Rad Stuff Hal and I mentioned in this episode:

The Miracle Morning

The Five Minute Journal

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