Episode 6: Just Get Started with David Ralph

david ralph 2So this might be the best podcast ever, or it might be the worst coffee chat we’re ever going to have on Entrepreneurs and Coffee.

You see, I’m so uniquely interested in David Ralph that I’m just going to dive into talking with him.

He’s really mastered the art of conversation so if this bombs, it’s all me.

Normally I take a lot of notes and have certain things I want to ask but this chat is going to be a total departure and will genuinely just be us.. well.. talking.

And I want your feedback.

So after you listen, tweet me @brendanhufford or email brendanhufford@gmail.com and tell me what you think. Want me to do more like this? Less?

Is it so bad I should just punch myself in the face?

Let me know.

In our coffee chat, David and I talk about:

  • Joining up the dots in our own lives
  • The ‘This is going to be an awesome story’ mindset during challenge
  • How I might be taken to Death Row by Starbucks
  • Breaking your routine to change your life
  • David shatter’s my definition of what is “crazy” and what is “possible”
  • How many sales you *actually* have to make to make a living online
  • Shattering my limiting beliefs
  • Mindset shifts on delegating
  • Rating the entire ‘Rocky’ series best to worst
  • How not listening to anybody’s advice can be the best thing for you

So looking back, and joining up your dots, you have to ask yourself, were they worth it?  Were all of those dots worth learning from and going through to get you where you are today?  And to be honest, it really only matters if you’re happy where you are today.  If you’re happy in your business and life, then you probably have a really amazing sense of clarity about your dots that have brought you here.  But maybe you aren’t. Maybe you hate your dots and hate some aspect of your life and I know listening to David and I today has inspired you and given you actionable advice because we just finished chatting and *I’m* pumped up and ready to crush my goals and live my dream. *I’m* ready to live a life that I don’t have to take a vacation from.

But David stressed just taking that first step.

And then going one step at a time.

Don’t know what your first step is? Here it is: Email me. I’ll respond.  Email me at brendanhufford@gmail.com and I’ll respond and together, we’ll figure out your first step to radically changing your life and business.

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    • WOW! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment Heidi! You rock 🙂 It totally makes my day and I’ll look to do more of these in the future. I’ll have to continue working on my recording, however. I think in the free-flow format, I said ‘you know’ roughly 150 times in our conversation. You don’t realize you’re saying it when you’re talking to friends, but listening back, it’s awful! You know? 😉

      • Matt Conneway

        I have to echo Heidi’s comment. This is a GREAT podcast. I found it last week and have listened to about 15 of them so far. Consider me devoted! 🙂


  1. Matt Conneway

    Hi Brendan,

    I’m a pre-entrepreneur I guess you could say. I do have a passion that I am thinking about turning into a business, profit or not. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and of course, I’ve dreamed big about being successful with it. As I’ve been working the typical 40-50 hour work week at my public safety job, I’ve come to realize that being happy with what you do is more important than how much money you have in the bank. What I plan on doing is turning my current career into a part-time job(we have that option) and devote the rest of my time to starting my business, more as a hobby than a “job”. My question is, what advice do you have for someone in my position that needs to convince the wife that this is a good idea? I’ve talked to her about it and she has the fear that we won’t be able to make ends meet, even though I’ve showed her we could even if we lived off of my soon to be part-time income. Do you have any pointers on how to gain support from your family to accomplish your goals?

    P.S. I’m referring to coffee roasting as my business passion.

    Thanks in advance!


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