Branding For the People with Re Perez

ReHere’s the deal:

Some podcasts bring on anybody.

They want to bring on some of the “gurus” and whatever.

And when we start talking about the topic of branding, man, it seems like everybody is an expert.

Everybody buy’s Marie Forleo’s B-School and then just regurgitates that info and wants you to think they’re a branding expert.

Oh really?

You’re a branding expert?

What’s your training?

What brand have you built other than the one where you’re trying to trick me into thinking you’re a branding expert?

No thanks.

But here’s the thing, I only care about content and action.  If my guest can help you get past the noise online and get past all of the fake advice and fake gurus out there. Then I’ve done my job.

Because I’m not always the expert and I’m sure you’ll hear me say that today.  I know a TON based on my experience building a brand from scratch to a significant level while still working full time.

BUT, there are people out there who  know more than me.

And it’s my job to get them to you.

My guest today is going to knock your socks off.

Re Perez is the founder of the agency Branding For The People.  I met him out in San Diego at a really cool event which I’m sure we’ll talk about.  I was, like I said, SICK and TIRED of all the posturing of fake experts and when he got on stage and answered a few questions, I thought, oh wow.

branding-for-the-peopleThis guy really knows his stuff.

This guy has chops.

Branding For the People literally means explaining branding in a way you and I can understand it.  He doesn’t use fancy words.  His agency’s mission is to bring branding to the people. To us.

He gives the BEST actionable advice on branding I’ve ever and you’ve probably heard me mention him a few times in the 10 rules of brand building series that I’ve been doing.

Here’s two of my favorite quotes:

Get your coffee ready and enjoy the chat!

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